Review process

Focus on what matters

Measuring actual organisational effectiveness with young people rather than less important indicators that are easier to measure. Scope assessments measure an organisation’s effectiveness with regard to youth development, programme design, governance & management, community connectedness and safe practice. The assessment focuses on how an organisation is doing in both its practice and systems. This comprehensive approach allows an organisation to focus on the key areas of improvement.

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Review cycle


Pre - review

1. Scope information Session for interested youth organisations.
2. Organisation volunteers for a review.
3. Scope National Manager meets with organisation to go through the Scope process.
4. Organisation sets dates for the review.
5. Scope Team formed for the review with a Team Leader.
6. The Scope Review Team meet to get to know each other.


The review

1. The Scope Team carries out a review of the organisation for 3 – 4 days depending on the size of the organisation.
2. The Team review 5 areas of the organisation by assessing them against 19 standards that go across the areas.
3.The Team gather evidence by interviewing the governance body, staff, young people, family members and stakeholders and through observation and reading documents.
4. The Team grades the standards and then writes a report for the organisation.


Post review

1. After the organisation has signed off the Scope Report the Team Leader will meet with the Manager and Chairperson and offer to follow up with the organisation to support them to work towards meeting the recommendations from the report for a year.
2. When the organisation is ready it can ask for a re-review where the Scope Review Team will come back and re-review the standards the organisation didn’t meet or partially met.

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